As a contractor or homeowner, time is of the essence when working on a project. Having an order delayed, or worse, messed up, takes away valuable time and creates understandable frustration. The same can be said when you visit the store to pick up supplies. You want to be able to return to work in a reasonable time-frame. Perhaps you put in a large stock order, well, getting this delivered quickly without mistakes makes a significant difference in your project timeline.

Have you ever had the experience of going to a big box store with long lines, difficult-to-navigate aisles, and not a team member in sight to ask where to find what you need or what would be best for your job? Such annoyances can add time onto an already packed and hectic work schedule, not to mention additional trips back to the store when you omit that crucial piece you need to get the job done in your haste to leave.

Knowing all this, please make sure to consider CBM.  At CBM, we pride ourselves as a small company in our ability to provide efficient, high-quality service to our customers. A family business founded back in 1946 by Angelo Quattrocchi and some close friends, the company continues to be owned and operated by the extended Quattrocchi family. The business has stores in two different locations, Bristol and Oakford. At both sites, one can expect excellent customer service for whatever your needs may be that day.

We only carry supplies from trusted manufacturing brands, and our products range from lumber and building materials, to molding, paint, windows, doors, millwork, and more. Our company operates under the motto “Get in, get out, get back to work!” This means we want you to be able to get out of the store within 15 minutes for stock orders under $500 or have your materials delivered to you as quick as 2 hours or within 48 hours.

We look forward to working with you in the near future to get your job done promptly and correctly. We take time to get to know you and to help you as well as we can, treating you as a valued customer. Please look through our website and see how we can help.