The Ultimate Features KraftMaid Cabinets Provide

Is it that time? Your cabinets are looking shabby, your kitchen or bathroom is looking drab. The idea of spending all winter cooped up with these terrible looking and feeling things is seeming more and more claustrophobic. Well, perhaps it is time to be convinced not on just replacing your cabinets (you already know you need to), but on what exactly to replace them with.

Nowadays, cabinets are no longer just cabinets. Don’t get us wrong, they still perform the same duties of holding all your plates, bowls, glasses, pots, pans, spices, etc. Only, now they do it in an astounding way–or rather, KraftMaid cabinets do.

The Whisper Touch™ System

Let’s skip the basics and jump right into the main event. Has your husband or wife woken you up at ungodly hours of the morning via slamming cabinets? When it’s just so necessary to empty the dishwasher right then and there at 4 AM. Well, with KraftMaid cabinets, silence is standard.

Can you imagine? You go to close the cabinet, and instead of making a horrid cacophony, it closes softly and quietly every. single. time. With the Whisper Touch hinge and drawer runner, this system is not just a sleep-saver, but an everyday enhancer to a peaceful experience.

Whisper Touch™ Hinges

KraftMaid cabinet doors come with concealed hinges that close your doors silently. They are even adjustable in six different ways to give you perfect alignment.

Whisper Touch™ Drawer Runners

Drawers might be the worst–especially silverware drawers. When you slam that, all the silverware has to chime in too, giving an even more jarring grate on the ear. KraftMaid’s drawer runners give you easy access to contents, but also close softly every time.

Avoid the noise and start thinking about not just the aesthetic of your cabinets and drawers, but the qualities that come with them. With this new technology, your ears will almost certainly thank you.

Standard Features

Moving backwards, it is also important to touch on just the basics of KraftMaid’s wall cabinets and base cabinets.

  • Standard Wall Cabinets
    • ¾” thick full-depth shelves
    • Natural birch wood grain laminate
    • Rounded face frames for scrape-free use and luxury appeal
  • Standard Base Cabinets
    • Thick back and bottom panels with I-beam construction
    • Full-depth solid wood drawer boxes feature dovetail construction and 3/16” plywood bottom

The features of these cabinets are extensive, to say the least. It is important to explore them further, by viewing them and diving further in depth. Next time you are looking for a hardware store around Newtown, PA or are looking to remodel your kitchen in Yardly, PA you need look no further than CBM! We also provide replacement windows in Newtown, PA to give your home an entirely fresh feel.