What Trendy Home Improvement Projects Should You Consider in 2017?

Now that 2016 is over (lucky for us), it is time not to reflect, but to charge forward into 2017. With a fresh canvas and our ideas, your home is just waiting for you to grab your tools and get to work! Be excited because your New Year’s Resolution isn’t going to complete itself; you have to make the moves. These changes will not only improve your daily quality of life, but they will also maintain the value of your property.

So where should you start?

Replace your light bulbs with LEDs.

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diodes. They are semiconductor bulbs that are able to produce light when an electrical current passes through them. As opposed to incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting, LEDs are more efficient, durable, long-lasting, and contain a heat sink, which prevents them from getting too hot. Most light manufacturers have decided to make the switch from filament to LED. Even cars now are coming out with not just LED headlights, but taillights as well. Take a day to switch out your light bulbs with LEDs; you can even make it a fun project that involves your whole family. And when you see your next electric bill, you will be shocked by how much money you will ultimately save!

Build an attic getaway.

Many homes nowadays have attics, but not everyone uses them to store belongings and old school papers. Instead, turn your attic into a getaway that gives your family a brand new place to hang out. It could be a theater to watch movies in or a room for game nights–it could even be a loft bedroom. This project may take a lot of skill or require the help of a professional, but the result will give your family a new space to enjoy this year. The only other thing you will need is lumber & building materials in Bensalem, PA to start this next project!

Choose a new color.

New year, new color! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a home. Those nicks, dents, and scuffs you don’t even notice on your walls anymore can be spackled and covered up with a brand new color. And when it’s done, you will revel in your surprise. 2017 is the perfect year to transition to a different color. Picking out the shade and tone with your loved ones can also be a fun bonding experience to share together. When it’s all painted, re-hanging or putting up new paintings, pictures, or prints afterwards can add a new twist and comfort to your space.

Begin 2017 with your gameplan and don’t back down. CBM has your back and your supplies, arming you with the best of the market. We are quality lumber and building dealers in Langhorne, PA, and we are always here for you. If you’re improving your insulation this winter, we also can cover your window replacement in Bucks County. Our selection of Marvin and Integrity windows are perfect for your window replacement in Levittown! There won’t be anything you can’t find here. Steel yourself, put your worker gloves on, and let’s start 2017 off with a hammer!