How to Style Your Room’s Interior to Look Urban and Rustic

A homey feel, an urban essence, a natural atmosphere – these are just a few of the characteristics that make up rustic style interior design. The look has become popular amongst homeowners, inspiring remodeling projects for spaces such as living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, and studies. But as with all interior design styles, the room has to have the right decorative elements to make the room’s appearance look visually appealing. Those who aren’t designer-inclined may find decorating a rustic room tricky.


Does that mean you need to put out money to hire an experienced professional interior designer? No, not at all! We have a few simple rustic-worthy elements up our sleeve you can use to achieve that relaxing, country ambiance you desire. Check them out!


Leather Accents: Leather pairs extremely well with a rustic atmosphere. It can be leather furniture, a leather covered coffee table, or a leather couch. It all depends on your personal taste!




Light Colored Fabrics: To contrast with the dark brown colors that tend to surround a rustic style room, lighter fabrics work best. Consider using lighter colors such as baby blue, gray, or ivory for items such as curtains, pillows, and rugs. The shades will make the room appear soft and welcoming amongst natural hues.




Wood Elements: Almost every rustic style room has a decorative aspect made of wood. Wood brings an earthy presence to the room, creating a laid back, care-free vibe. There are a ton of wood building materials available on the market, such as weathered wall boards by Weaber Lumber and wood window replacement products in Bucks County, PA. Wood doors, exposed wood beams, and wood furniture also fit into a rustic style room.




Brick Walls: Rustic styling isn’t defined by one particular look. You can cross it with modern, Victorian, or even coastal styles. Therefore, brick or stone walls can be a great choice for creating a rustic room. It is very versatile, yet still has that natural factor.




These are just a few rustic design elements you can work with when designing a room. You can mix and match them, apply your favorites, or use them all! That’s the best thing about remodeling a house that’s all yours – your choice, your style.


If you need rustic building materials for your remodeling project, we can supply you with everything you need! We have a vast selection of wood and stone materials, as well as many other rustic accents. Ask about our new product, weathered wall boards by Weaber Lumber or our popular item, replacement windows! Princeton, Bristol, Long Beach Island – wherever you reside, be sure to follow us on social media for more tips and industry insights!