Why Do I Need to Change My Heater’s Air Filter and How Often?

It’s a question many new and old homeowners alike must ask in order to understand how to properly care for their heaters. If neglected, your house may be in danger of losing heat in the dead of winter. No one wants that! Instead, we at Construction Building Materials, a hardware store in Langhorne, PA, want to help you realize all of the benefits that come from the simple task of changing your air filters in your home.  


It maintains a healthy air quality.

Does anyone in your family have allergies or asthma? Even if they don’t, it is imperative to have an air quality that is up to par. Dirty air filters can exacerbate poor breathing conditions. And if you have pets, their dander can accumulate in the system, spreading allergens throughout the house. There is a simple solution to ensure your family maintains a healthy air quality: replace your filter.


It keeps it clean.  

If an air filter isn’t frequently changed, dirt, pollen, dust, and other follicles can clog up the filter and pollute your entire HVAC system. This compromises it, costing you on service repairs and parts you may not have bargained on.


It extends the life of your heater.

HVAC systems, furnaces, and the like do not live forever, (unfortunately). In fact, the most common reason a heating unit breaks down is because of a filthy air filter. When dirt accumulates on it, air cannot pass through. The system can even overheat due to the motor having to work harder. If you want your system to last as long as it can, make sure you’re replacing your air filters.


It improves efficiency.

When your heater is working harder, it is also using up more energy, which, in turn, causes your bill to also increase. If your system is not efficient, it will end up costing you. Just replacing your air filter can increase your heater’s efficiency and save you between 5-15% on your utility costs!


At CBM, we care about your home and stress that you consider replacing your air filters at least once every four to six weeks during the wintertime. To do so will highly benefit you and your family’s quality of life. Along with that, the choice to remodel a kitchen in Yardley, PA could also prove to be a great addition to your home. Please consider contacting us for help with your projects! We are just a phone call away: 215-788-3377 (Bristol) or 215-357-3700 (Oakford).