What to Do When You Come Home to a Broken Window

Imagine this: you come home from work one day to find that one of the windows in your home has been broken. Do you know what to do? Though many people who find themselves in this situation tend to panic, it’s important to know that a broken window is not necessarily a surefire sign of a break-in, and replacement windows in Princeton can be easily and professionally installed to fix the problem. If you come home to a broken window, make sure to take these steps to keep yourself and your home safe.

● Try to determine the cause of the breakage. If you come home to a cracked or shattered window, don’t panic and assume that your home has been broken into. Causes like animal damage, impact from toys or balls, or lawn maintenance equipment is much more common causes of broken windows than burglaries. If the window has been shattered, inspect the damage around your broken window: notice the placement of glass shards, and see if any obvious culprits like baseballs or dead birds are around. Then, look around your home to see if any valuables are missing. If you notice something missing, call the police. If not, an animal is most likely the cause of your window damage.

● Check your insurance policy. Before you start comparing glass replacement services, check with your insurance policy to see what is covered. Some insurance policies will only cover glass repair or used factory windows depending on the circumstances that caused the breakage.

● Schedule a window replacement in Princeton. Leaving your window in disrepair allows the elements into your home, and can lead to more damage along with increased heating and cooling bills. Even if your window is only cracked, a damaged window can become more expensive and difficult to fix the longer the problem is left alone. Call a professional and reliable service to replace or repair your window as soon as possible, or install the window yourself if you are skilled in-home repairs.