6 Easy DIY Tips That Will Transition Your Home from Winter to Spring

If you want your home to maintain its stylish appearance all year round, it’s important to prepare it for enduring the seasons as they change. The damaging effects of harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sun can deteriorate the exterior elements of the dwelling, thus putting a damper on the aesthetics. The best way to overcome it is to transition your home so that it will remain in good condition and keep a fresh look.


Not sure exactly what part of your residence needs a lift? Before you start calling around for an estimate, take a look at your property first. Slowly walk around and jot down what needs to be updated. You may find that most of the tasks are minor and can be done as part of your annual spring cleaning. Plus, taking on the projects by yourself will allow you to save money and put it towards other endeavors (summer vacation!).


To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of DIY tasks that will transition your home for the spring season. So, fix yourself a cocktail, enjoy the sun, and get some exercise while you’re at it!


  1. Repaint any areas of the woodwork or trim where bubbling paint or peeling are noticeable. But before you paint, be sure to scrape off the old paint first and then prime it. We suggest using Cabot stain or Valspar paint.
  2. If the windows are lacking in functionality and need an upgrade, have them replaced with a higher quality line of replacement windows in Bucks County, PA, like Marvin Windows and Doors. It will enhance the attractiveness of your home and can also help to save energy depending on which window product you use.
  3. The air filter on the furnace should be replaced if it is old and dirty. Or, if the filter is fairly new, it should be given a good cleaning.
  4. Any cracks, popped up nails, and rotting boards found on the deck should be repaired to spruce up its appearance and prevent costly damage.
  5. Clear the yard of sticks and debris to let the grass grow and fill the flower bed with your favorite plants. Fill them in with some nutrient rich dirt and cover it with mulch.
  6. It’s time to remove all of the salt and stains from the winter weather off of the concrete steps and driveway. Use a high-force spray garden hose to wash away the muck and if that doesn’t work, opt for a power washer instead.


power wash


By following this to-do list, your home will be ready for spring. Not only will your house look amazing, but it will help maintain the value of what it’s worth. Come to us at Construction Building Materials for the products and materials you need to prepare your home for the change of seasons. We’ll help you find what you need!